me in real life is an exploration of artifacts and a project used as a form of therapy. the act of reading old writing that was written by hand or typed out on paper, examining items that were once deemed important enough to hold on to, and contemplating why while scanning the items into their digital form, i was able to spend time reflecting on each item as a means of moving on. 

the juxtaposition of physical items displayed in a digital form is meant to remind the viewer of the habit of keeping things to preserve a memory. by collecting in the physical form, you are allowing these items to live in the same space as you. how many things are you not letting go of? how many artifacts are in your possession that hold the weight of memories good or bad? how is this affecting your ability to move forward? how are we practicing this in the digital age? are our newsfeeds not letting us let go? these are a few of the questions that arose while i worked on this project.    🖤

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